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My photography tries to capture what many urban consumers of the products of rural farmers have never seen before -- the big vistas, the abstract landscape, the weather and the rural sunrise or sunset. I am an agvocate. You could be too. Hope you enjoy.

Following retirement from Agriculture & AgriFood Canada, I turned to photography to reinvent myself, to fill the time, and to try to stay productive. During my career as a scientist of agronomy, I met several men and women who take care of the farmland residing between ever-expanding cities across Canada. These men and women understood that if they were good stewards of their land, the land would sustain them and their families. Farmers were, and continue to be, the original environmentalists. Farming seems to be the last frontier of the Industrial Revolution. Fewer and fewer farmers are doing more and more for those who migrated from the rural areas to the urban centres.  

Advancements in innovation in crop seeds, crop and livestock management, and precision agriculture have resulted partly because of this migration as well as the ever-increasing scientific breakthroughs. One just has to leave the city and take a drive in the countryside and look. It is fascinating what farmers have accomplished in order to sustain the consumer.

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